Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Third day, work in progress

It is 19:36 local time and the sprint is still running. While I am taking a break, Armin Rigo and Carl Friedrich Bolz are working on the internal representation of classes for the VM. This is ongoing and tricky work, as in Smalltalk any object can (potentially) be used as class. Lukas Renggli just left, he continued today on the implementation of primitives. While Toon Verwaest is poking around on the loaded mini.image, printing all strings in the image and trying to execute random methods using pypy.lang.smalltalk.interpreter.Interpreter. He selects all compiled methods having no arguments and tries to execute them, some of the methods even run successfully.

You can find the image poking hacks in
I will now join Toon to pair up, thinking about and hopefully implementing some benchmarks for the loaded image.

Adrian AA Kuhn


Anonymous said...

Btw, there is a small Squeak VM written in Pepsi/idst inside the svn repo of pepsi. It runs the mini.image happily - perhaps you should take a look at it?

regards, Göran Krampe

haupz said...

Hi Göran,

not quite; that Squeak implementation crashes upon evaluating '0 tinyBenchmarks' complaining about primitive 243 being missing.



Anonymous said...

...yes, and of course it is just a toy - Ian never intended it to be something useful. :)

Carl Friedrich Bolz-Tereick said...

well, our hope that we will be able to run the mini-image eventually...

haupz said...

Hi again,

update. :-)

The mini image coming with the Pepsi distribution contains references to unimplemented primitives, which causes crashes. Using the mini image, e.g., from Dan Ingalls' SqueakOnJava *works*. :-)

Apologies for implying that the Pepsi Squeak VM was not working...



Software Composition Group said...

We had been lucky enough to use Dan's mini.image, thou.